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How to Get Higher Google Ranking in 15 Days?

Google rankings in just 15 days

Google rankings in just 15 days yes we are very super excited when we receive this type of blog from our happy clients. Read this blog till the end to updates like this. my first keyword to the first page in Google in  15 days you guys have been great keep up the good work Five points to zoom your Google rankings this year number one is keyword optimization second comes the on-page optimization third is the schema metadata fourth is the Google  Places registrations last but not the least is the fresh content the content is very important so let’s come to the first point which is the keywords optimizations keywords can be like competitive keywords or regular keywords like easy keywords further this keywords can be long-tail keywords short tail keywords you have to just do some research and find which are the best one for you next comes is the on-page optimization on-page optimization covers so many things like content meta tags images video optimization.

If you take care of all this Google will take the best care for your website the other thing which is really important is this schema metadata is a computerized language it’s a Google algorithm language that really understands your web page because with this metadata as they come to know what is placed on your WebPages are there any images placed video placed or what type of the content is placed what type of a business or services are you providing all this has to be mentioned in the meta tags correctly and the fourth point is the registration in the Google Places if you register your company products or services in the Google Places definitely you will start getting impressions in your local area and last but not the least the fresh content is so important for the dominance of your website in the Google search because no one wants to like the stale content which is already existing on the Google.  Google really wants to have something fresh like we like to have some fresh juice fresh food so why not Google So just make amazing fresh content for your website and see that your website is going to rock on the Google rankings this year.

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