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Helping Businesses to Build Secure and Next-gen Websites

When it comes to building your brand’s online presence, the website is the first step. It is available 24x7x365 without any boundaries and limitations. It isn’t just an online brochure but a platform for your clients and leads to take you seriously. Hence, your website must manifest the nature of your brand. When it comes to eCommerce website development in Lucknow, consumers tend to decide to purchase after viewing the website first. Studies have shown businesses with good websites make as much as 70% more business than those with none.


It is a proper form of art. The most crucial segment of web designing is ascertaining the layout of the website. Our Expert designers have worked with various industries and have produced 1500 websites globally that have been recognized for creativity and uniqueness. Our designers integrate into development teams to create designs that anticipate and adapt to change. Get the best results from the latest technologies used.


NG WEBTECH is a full-stack provider of custom website designing in Lucknow for market leaders, developing, and emerging businesses with technology at their core.

Why choose NG WEBTECH

We are a full-service website development company in Lucknow, and we provide you end-to-end support from conceptualization, probability assessment to design, development, testing, and release.


Quality Assurance

Delivering high-quality products consistently with the most robust QA standards in place and ensure to stick to strict guidelines to save your organization’s reputation, time, and money.


Responsive website designing in Lucknow

We support businesses in getting a one-size-fits-all solution through responsive web development strategies that dynamically eliminate the coding and management efforts for multiple interfaces.


Scalability & Security

All our projects have a robust architecture that assures protection and is built to a system to work in high-performance environments.

Awesome Designs

We work on captivating natural designs that engage the clients and ensure a decreased bounce rate.


Experienced Teams

Highly experienced and adequate team of engineers, designers, and architects to create enterprise projects.


Agile Approach

We understand the Scrum Agile methodology for all delivery, solution design, development, and support.


Modern Technology

We operate with the latest technology stack to guarantee the best services to our clients.


Test-Driven Development

All our projects are vigorously tested in a test environment before being deployed on the live server.


Maintenance & Support

We have committed engineers that control your project to ensure that your project runs seamlessly.

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