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What use is the best website if it doesn’t appear to your customers?

Regardless of whether trends in web design or in the area of social media, we develop perfectly coordinated strategies. Whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – the combination of structure and creativity is what makes our campaigns successful. Social media is not for everyone, but in certain areas it is unbeatable.

We are looking for your target group regardless of whether you address a large group, operate in a small niche or are a B2B company.

Your customers are exactly the people we want. The better we know and define them, the more directly we can respond to them. We make communication with your customers personal, create communities and thus the foundation for solid web marketing.

We research your search terms. Then we start with the customer’s specifications and our own brainstorming, followed by detailed research of the competition, research on social media platforms and other resources related to the topic. We analyze the search volume – how often these terms are searched for in certain regions, as well as the difficulty in ranking for these terms. To do this, we scrutinize the competition and analyze their content, backlink profile and brand strength.

Relevance is paramount. We rely on those keywords that express as precisely as possible an intention of the searcher or an interest in your product.

Our SEO services for Lucknow

Search engine optimization aims at organic search results. These top positions can only be taken if your site meets the technical requirements (on-page optimization), the relevant content is recognizable (content optimization) and the reputation of your wesite is good and also has backlinks (off-page optimization).


WebShop projects mean more SEO effort. Since we develop online shops ourselves, we are among the pioneers in the optimization of online shops in the Kanpur area.


We help you to use the power of Web 2.0 effectively for your marketing.


Every entrepreneur benefits from local entries in Google MyBusiness or other review portals such as Tripadvisor, Foursquare or Yelp.


With a clever keyword strategy, you can reach larger groups of interested parties. The more keywords are taken into account in the optimization, the more users will find your website.


Global search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important for many companies. In addition to the technical aspects, link building and tracking play a major role.


Successful linkbait depends on a large number of factors. With over 8 years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t!


The correct user analysis is decisive for a placement on the first page, or the first positions. The correct analysis of your website users is the “A” and “O” of SEO marketing.



We discover the unused potential of your website and give recommendations for technology & web design. Analyzes / changes to your web code help us to improve your site


Relevance and quality has become the most important aspect of ranking for Google. We analyze your texts and the intention of the users, for CTR and, relevance, which is far more important nowadays than the simple keyword density.

What use is the best website if it doesn't appear to your customers?


Review your SEO strategy for success and failure. We check your SEO results with Searchmetrics, the tool that provides the world’s largest database.


Texts, images & videos are important tools to increase your social and organic traffic. Additional content such as magazines, blogs or guides are tools for your success.


Link building is a tricky business – but still necessary to achieve significant placements. Our links guarantee the right content and the highest quality.


The right research into the cause and the decisive measures ensure that you recover from a penalty. We help you to keep your financial damage as low as possible!


We provide all our search engine optimization services to our foreign clients, who want to expand their online business into the India, USA and Australian market.


A relaunch harbors many pitfalls from an SEO point of view. We help you that everything runs smoothly with your relaunch. And the degree of optimization of your website even increases.

SEO analysis

The analysis of your website with Google Analytics is the most important prerequisite for optimization. Since analytics is usually not sufficiently implemented for larger pages, it has to be adapted as required by a professional team. For later evaluation, our qualified data scientist is available to help you with complex evaluations, interpretations and visualization of the data.


You will be amazed … We show you how you can gain insights from your data and increase your ROI. Turn insights into action!


Do you collect various information and user activities on your website? Very good! Then it is time to extract company-relevant information from your data. Our data analysis will help you with this!


Benefit from premium features and lower data limits. Google Analytics 360 is part of the new Google 360 Suite. Benefit from the extensive premium features.


With Google Data Studio 360, you can create automatic reports and interactive dashboards from a variety of data sources.


Are your company goals mapped in your SEO web analysis? Together with you, we work out your requirements for more insights.

NG Webtech is best known for its premium white hat SEO services in Lucknow. Our team is led by experienced professionals who understand the needs of startup firms and mid-level businesses.

We stand out from the crowd as the best SEO company in Lucknow who formulates result-oriented optimization techniques to drive the targeted audience to your sales pages. When you’re looking forward to hiring an SEO expert in Lucknow, NG Webtech is to be your ultimate destination.

Some of the areas where we master the SEO field and offer our services are,

● Technical SEO
● SEO Audits
● Local SEO
● Keyword Analysis
● Competitor Analysis
● On-Page SEO
● Off-Page SEO

The online industry is full of threats and fraudulent activities as you’ll come across various SEO agencies in Lucknow offering SEO services for cheap. They might also offer you immediate results. However, you need to wisely identify them and stay away because, instead of boosting your business, it might harm your site.

NG Webtech is the brand to trust upon and is a renowned name in the field of SEO. We are one of the pioneers when it comes to offering SEO services in Lucknow. Years have gone, and many changes took place in the SEO field, but the ranking factors still remain the same.

We have catered to hundreds of clients globally and have successfully cultivated a great rapport with them. Most of them are still associated with us and they believe our skills more than anyone in this field.

Reasons to hire NG Webtech?

● We have seen the ups and downs in the SEO sector and have developed 100% profitable strategies that give guaranteed results.

● We use complete white hat SEO services that give long term benefits to your site and overall business.

● NG Webtech is one reliable name in the SEO industry, considered as the best SEO company in Lucknow.

● Our company delivers 100% professional SEO services in Lucknow at reasonable charges.

● We promise lifetime technical support to all our clients, and we deliver what we promise.

● When it comes to ROI, we understand the meaning of it. And we actually deliver it, from the very beginning!

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