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How can you optimize your Website without paid ads on Google?

The first question everybody wants to know: What the hell is SEO? – Search Engine Optimization, that’s what it stands for. And what it is getting to the top of Google for what we call organic search, where you’re not paying for it. So there’s Google Ads which is paid ads, which is pay per click, so you’re paying anytime someone clicks on it. All the other searches are actually called organic search. The art of getting you to the top of Google without paying is called Search Engine Optimization.- How hard is it to have great SEO so you don’t actually need to hire someone like your company to spend money on Google Ads?- A lot of it is content-related. What you do for a lot of clients, getting them videos or photos that will also help them with their SEO online. There are four different categories of SEO. You have your content and keywords that are on your website. That would be number one and probably the most important. Next would be Google’s code and guidelines. Google reads differently than, you know, a user would see visually, so you have to go through the back end of the code to make sure is it compliant with what Google wants to see. And is your website connected to Google so they know all of your updates going on? There are so many different factors, and we’ll get into all the factors. Do you have a few hours we can do this thing? And then next would be your link building or your popularity. How many links point to your website? What keywords do they talk about when they link to you? And how popular are you also on social media? Because of social media, if you’re putting outposts out there, it is important to link back to your website and have a link on that. For instance even YouTube: if you have your description there, you want to put your link back to your website to show which company did this. And that will actually also get considered in your link building. The fourth pillar of SEO is an ongoing content marketing strategy. What are you doing to update your website? What are you adding to your YouTube? What are you doing as far as content to the world? What are you announcing to them and what is the ongoing strategy that you’re doing? Those are the four pillars I can reiterate.

1: content and keywords.

2: Google’s code and guidelines.

3: link building and popularity.

4: content marketing strategy.

I feel that when I educate people on those four different areas they can get a better understanding because even within all four of those pillars, there are tons of different tasks or strategies that are involved. But that’s the easiest way for people to understand SEO and how to accomplish more for it.

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