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What is PPC marketing, and What are its benefits?

PPC stands for pay per click. And pay per click is a form of advertising. It’s online advertising where you can run these ads on these different networks and you will only pay when somebody clicks on your ads. So unlike traditional media, where you can pay where somebody views your ad, with pay per click you’re only going to pay when somebody actually clicks on your ads. So basically what that means is you’re only paying for when somebody actually responds. when somebody actually does something. So unlike a traditional ad, let’s say it’s a billboard or a radio ad, you’re getting charged regardless of whether or not somebody picks up the phone and calls you. With pay per click, with PPC, you’re only going to pay that ad network that you’re advertising on online when they actually click on your ads. So it’s super powerful. Now PPC, pay per click. There are a lot of different ad networks out there. A lot of different places you can advertise with this form of advertising, with PPC. But to break it all down, it really lies into three categories of the type of PPC advertising you can do. The first categories are search networks. So search networks are like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These are all different search engines where you can create these different PPC ads to reach people when they’re searching in Google, in Bing, in Yahoo, for a product or service that you might provide. So somebody searches, they type these keywords into the search bar. You bid on those keywords that people are looking for and then your ad pops up at the top and you’re only going to pay when somebody searches that and actually clicks on your ads. So they search that thing and they see your ad but they don’t click, you don’t get charged.

The next time of ad network is social. So social ad networks are like your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest . It goes on and on. All these different social networks have advertising programs involved in the back end of these networks so they can make money. And the types of ads they let you produce on these networks are PPC ads. So you can run PPC ads on YouTube, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Twitter, etc. And then last but not least, the last types of network that you can run these PPC ads on are display network. So the display network is when you go to a website, let’s say, and you see on the side it’s all those banner ads on the side of the blog article that you might be reading or that website that you’re at. All those different ads on the side, those banner ads, that’s the display network. So with the display network you can reach tons of people on all these different types of websites out there and get your ad out. So, for example, let’s say you are a personal trainer and you want to reach people that are interested in fitness. So great example of a display ad you can run is you can target websites like and put your ad on the side of where you can promote your business and reach people. So the display network is another opportunity to create these PPC ads and reach more users. So that is it for these blog. I hope it was helpful.

PPC advertising is extremely powerful. It’s very controllable. You set your daily budget. You say how much you want to pay. Everything is in your hands. You just have to make sure that you understand how to tell the network that you’re advertising how to go about and do these things that you want. And if you want to learn more about pay per click advertising, if this sounds like something interesting that you’d like to use in your.

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