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How Web Design will Help you Boost Search Engine Rankings

Keep these five points in mind when designing your website, and your content may soon be ranked higher in the SERPs.

When trying to improve the performance of your website, remember that you need to focus on several factors simultaneously.

In life marketing as in digital marketing, we tend to focus all our attention on one or two essential elements, neglecting something that can be just as important.

If you want to do better in SERP, you need more than SEO.

Your website also needs to be well designed; otherwise, you risk wasting all the organic capital you’ve built up.

SEO and website design work together more effectively than many people can imagine.

Its components mix and flow so well that, if done correctly, visitors to your site should not notice what you have created; they should start browsing your site.

So what are the elements on which SEO and web design work together? Consider these five ways of using them together.

1. Mobile Friendliness
Anyone familiar with SEO or web design should already know how important it is to make your website mobile-friendly.
Google executed mobile a ranking factor in 2021. That was half a decade ago.

The search giant then introduced mobile indexing in 2022. Of course, how important mobile usability is to Google, but many websites have yet to be captured.

The number of people looking on desktop computers has been decreasing for some years, while the number of people looking on mobile devices has been steadily increasing.

More than half of their traffic on the Internet comes from mobile devices, which means that more than half of their audience is likely to be on their cell phones as well.

2. Easy-to-read design
If you have been working on improving your SEO, the content is likely something you have spent a lot of time on.

Some people are not aware of the influence that the design of a website can have on its content, or at least on its presentation.

The wrong website design can prevent users from reading what they wanted to do with your website.

Pages with blocks of content in strange places, with too many hyperlinks that serve no purpose, essentially wipe out the entire audience they brought to your site.

And if no one can get the information they want, what good is that?

At some point, you have probably been to a website where the text was not readable due to the design of the page.

3. Sitemaps
Speaking of “crawling” your website: The design of a website can be useful in several ways. A sitemap is crucial if you want the search engines to crawl your website more intelligently.

Your sitemap gives search engines an overview of all pages and the content of your website. This way, you can tell the search engines which pages are most important on your website.

This is especially important for large websites, but also for newer websites that don’t have external links yet.

Besides the usefulness for search engines, site maps also help you navigate. A new visitor of your website can refer to your site map to find his way around.

Sitemaps also contain essential metadata about your web pages to give them a better chance to be ranked correctly.

The best way to do SEO is in cooperation with web design, and improving your web design does not have to be complicated.
Keep these tips in mind when designing your website, and you may soon see the higher rankings you’ve been missing.

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